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Building A Fire Safe Future Episodes

Sometimes we just talk about how to make this planet a little bit flammable. Sometimes, these are the most important talks...

September 08, 2021

017 - Pyrolife - from fire resistance to fire resilience with Cathelijne Stoof

When you think about battling wildfires, what is the image you see in front of your eyes? Probably an air tanker (at least that was what I saw...). After this interview, your optics will change about 180 degrees. Dr Cathelijn...

Building A Fire Safe Future

September 01, 2021

016 - The future of evacuation modelling with Enrico Ronchi and Ruggiero Lovreglio

Evacuation modelling is paramount in accounting for the human aspect in our fire modelling. But how is it developing? Where are we with our tools, and where are we heading with them? What are the most profound challenges rela...

Engineers Toolbox Building A Fire Safe Future

August 04, 2021

012 - Science, Industry, Legislators. How do we make them work together on a fire safe world? - Kees Both

In this episode, I had the pleasure and privilege to host dr Kees Both, the Technical Manager of Standards & Regulations in Etexgroup. Kees wanted to become a suspension bridge engineer, but his route went through a fire lab,...

Building A Fire Safe Future

July 21, 2021

010 - Seeking the origins of standardized fire testing and ancient fire protection materials with John Gales

Did you know that the standard temperature-time curve, which is the underpinning of the fire resistance of assemblies, is over 100 years old? Once you know that, you cannot stop but think about how this affects modern constru...

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science Building A Fire Safe Future