July 7, 2021

008 - Zone modelling is not dead with Colleen Wade

008 - Zone modelling is not dead with Colleen Wade

Zone modelling is a technique introduced in 1970's and 80's that has changed fire science. In my personal opinion, along with oxygen calorimetry and the development of FDS it may have been the most impactful tool of fire science. This is why I think its shameful it does not receive the same recognition today.

With Colleen we go deep into the zone models, discussing the tool itself and the ways to adapt it to current needs. You will learn how zone models evolved, and what makes them really useful in the modern world. It is a technology of the past, but certainly one with a bright future. 

*** A mandatory download *** 
This is the zone model largely developed by Colleen, absolutely worth your time to try it out!

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https://fireresearchgroup.com/ FRG is the company that Colleen works for, and it is a bunch of great experts solving issues of modern fire science. Excellent resources are available. Keep an eye on them.

Branzfire / B-Risk technical documentation covers the basics of zone modelling, available at: https://www.branz.co.nz/fire-safety-design/b-risk/

The same I can tell about the CFAST documentation, available here: https://pages.nist.gov/cfast/index.html

The paper that made Colleen pursue the career in fire! https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0379711284900067?via%3Dihub
i was wrong in the interview, it is not the one about RSET (that was another by Leo Cooper in the same year, wow, what a brilliant mind he was!)