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Great podcast, inspiring topics

This Podcast is great, the line up of speakers Wojciech Wegrzynski lines up every week, the detail of questions, and the wide breadth of topics covered is truly inspiring. The amount I learn every week, from each episode, is amazing. The links provided with the podcast, to follow up on topics have been really helpful as well, and I think this show will truly help grow the connections between fire researchers and practitioners with the broader community. Well done Wojciech, and thank you for your Podcast!

Awesome fire science and engineering

Wojciech masters the science of talking with people and they tell him all sorts of super interesting things about fire, engineering and how to make the world safer. I strongly recommend this podcast in the more vigorous terms.

Informative and inspiring

Thank you for creating this great podcast! Not only does it disseminate complex science in an accessible and enjoyable way, but it also inspires and motivates me as a young researcher. Thank you!

Wetting agent - Cold fire

Prof Rein and Dr Agung Mohammad Santosa research found CF is between 25-39% more effective than water only. Prof Rein can direct anyone interested in suppression of peat / coal to the supplier of Cold Fire