Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling Structural Fire Engineering

087 - Structural FSE inspired by earthquake engineering with Negar Elhami Khorasani

Feb. 1, 2023

Performance-based engineering or the use of probabilistic methods in building design are not inventions of Fire Safety Engineering. But we sometimes tend to act like we need to 'discover' and work out everything on our own. …

Experiments That Changed Fire Science Car Parks And Tunnels Structural Fire Engineering

086 - Experiments that changed fire science pt. 4 - Runnehamar tunnel with Haukur Ingason and Anders Lönnermark

Jan. 25, 2023

Would you rather do 20 published experiments and take your impact factors, or make one that truly changed the world of fire science? Or maybe a different way, would you pursue something that is quick, easy and gives immediat…

Fun Episodes Recommendations Batteries And EV's UL FSRI Usefull For Firefighters

085 - E-mobility and energy storage hazards with Adam Barowy

Jan. 18, 2023

Three months ago I saw a video of some sort of an electric scooter going off in someone's residential building. That person had absolutely no chance of controlling that fire. I guess they have escaped, but it must have been …

QA#2 - Turning podcast professional and the outcomes of the listener experience survey

Jan. 16, 2023

Welcome to Questions & Answers session 02 covering the recent sponsorship opening in the podcast and how the podcast is turning from a hobby project to something more professional, and the summary of the 2022 listener experi…

Fun Episodes Recommendations Fire Science, Engineering And Education

084 - Industry lead research with Steve Gwynne and Mike Spearpoint

Jan. 11, 2023

In my first episode, I mentioned that I'm doing this podcast to preserve some amazing conversations and share them with a larger audience, as sometimes it is a huge waste of interesting thoughts that remain just between the …

Fire Science Fundamentals

083 - Fire fundamentals pt 1 - Combustion and flame with Rory Hadden

Jan. 4, 2023

Let's start another mini-series! This time 'fire fundamentals' where we are going to learn some basics from the world's best. It is usually fascinating to do that! Not sure how you feel about it but I would kill for a chance…

Experiments That Changed Fire Science Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling Usefull For Firefighters

082 - Experiments that changed fire science pt. 3 - WTC Investigation with Kevin McGrattan

Dec. 28, 2022

Fire science is often accelerated by tragedies. The same goes for the tools we are using and the methods we know. In the early 2000's we already had some great tools, in fact, it was the era where the paradigm of fire modell…

Fun Episodes Recommendations Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling Fire Science, Engineering And Education

081 - The origins of FDS with Kevin McGrattan

Dec. 21, 2022

Has it ever crossed your mind how would our discipline look like, if we did not have Fire Dynamics Simulator? Maybe you had an opportunity to discuss CFD with colleagues from other disciplines, to find their faces in shock a…

080 - Adaptive Fire Testing: A new foundation stone for fire safety (ERC StG Grant) with Ruben van Coile

Dec. 14, 2022

Today is a great day to celebrate with Prof Ruben van Coile of Ghent University, who is most likely the first representative of Fire Safety Engineering to receive a grant within the European Research Councill Starting Grant …

079 - Timber columns failure in the decay phase with Thomas Gernay and Jochen Zehfuss

Dec. 7, 2022

When the flaming combustion stops and the raging inferno disappears, the environment is still far away from a stable, stationary state. The heat emitted by the fire and accumulated by the structural elements is still on the …

QA#1 - November 2022

Dec. 5, 2022

Welcome to Questions & Answers session 01 covering the topics brought up in November 2022. In this session you can find answers to the following questions: Fire resistance of joints asked by Millie Wan (answered by Piotr Tur…

078 - Experiments that Changed Fire Science pt. 2 - BRE Cardington with Tom Lennon

Nov. 30, 2022

If Dalmarnock was the reality check for fire modelling, we could call the work carried by BRE at Cardington the birthplace of Structural Fire Engineering. Welcome to episode 2 of Experiments that Changed Fire Science! In th…

Sustainable Future And Burning Issues Wildfires, WUI And Wind

077 - Informal settlements - we need solutions not gadgets, Richard Walls

Nov. 23, 2022

Delivery of fire safety to one billion inhabitants of informal settlements cannot be done through a single solution. No magical extinguishing ball nor hyper-sensitive sensor can solve this issue. As it is not a single issue …

Experiments That Changed Fire Science Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling

076 - Experiments that changed fire science pt. 1 - Dalmarnock Fire Tests Round Robin study with Guillermo Rein and Wolfram Jahn

Nov. 16, 2022

Welcome to a mini-series of episodes on experiments that changed fire science. In the first episode, we cover the a prioiri and posteriori modelling task within the Dalmarnock Fire Experiments programme carried out by the BR…

Fun Episodes Recommendations Fire Science, Engineering And Education

075 - Spacecraft fire safety with David Urban

Nov. 9, 2022

Dear Terrestial Fire Engineers, let me take you on a journey that will make you experience fire engineering like nothing on our planet. Because in fact, it is the fire engineering of spacecraft for their operations in a zero…

Structural Fire Engineering Fire Science, Engineering And Education

074 - Engineering not magic, intumescent coatings with Andrea Lucherini

Nov. 2, 2022

Intumescent coatings are not magic. They are a product of amazing engineering, a theatre of thermophysical properties that create an insulative layer that sometimes is the only thing holding fire from destroying a structure.…

Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling Fire Science, Engineering And Education

073 - Smoke control in shopping malls - uncommon aspects that make or break the system

Oct. 26, 2022

Long before I started the podcast, my bread and butter was to find clever ways to remove smoke from shopping malls. Actually, I like to believe I was pretty good at the job, given the fact some of the biggest projects in Eas…

Fire Science, Engineering And Education

072 - Extracting the secret of IMFSE from Bart Merci and Eulalia Planas

Oct. 19, 2022

Many creators will not agree, but in some cases, copying is the highest form of admiration. And there are things in Fire Safety Engineering that are more than worthy of being copied. One of them is the famous International M…

Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling

071 - Risk as a tool for thinking with Ruben van Coile

Oct. 12, 2022

When thinking about 'risk' do you view it as a tool? I usually thought about it as a concept or maybe as a measure of 'how safe my building is?', but I have not really appreciated how beneficial it might be when used in such…

Structural Fire Engineering Fire Science, Engineering And Education 2022 Highlights

070 - Fire resistance is whatever you want it to be with Piotr Turkowski

Oct. 5, 2022

Today we talk fire resistance, but unlike you have ever heard. Join me and Dr Piotr Turkowski - two fire laboratory professionals in an honest discussion about their craft. The challenges in standardization and committee wor…

Wildfires, WUI And Wind Fire Science, Engineering And Education Usefull For Firefighters

069 - Challenging fires at the wildland-urban interface (WUI) with Michael Gollner

Sept. 28, 2022

Why so many researchers are spending their time tackling fire issues at the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)? What is so challenging about this? We always lived near nature, why today this emerges as one of the 'hottest' topic…

Evacuation And Human Behaviour

068 - Human walking speed and factors that influence it with John Gales

Sept. 21, 2022

What factors influence the walking speed of an occupant? Is it just their physiology and crowd density? It seems it is more complicated than that (as most things are in fire science...). Dr John Gales of York University take…

Risk, Performance Based Engineering And Modelling

067 - Next-gen smoke control experimental facility and a digital twin with Grzegorz Krajewski

Sept. 14, 2022

We've felt a bit awkward about how FSE handles smoke control in corridors. If you look closely into common practices, they rarely do include impressive engineering - more often you see some 'tips and tricks' that make the CF…

Timber Structural Fire Engineering 2022 Highlights

066 - Fire Safe Use of Wood in Buildings with Andy Buchanan

Sept. 7, 2022

I wonder if we will be ever able to say: we know exactly how to build fire-safe buildings with mass timber. However that day may never come, each day of research brings us a little bit closer to achieving this goal. And som…