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069 - Challenging fires at the wildland-urban interface (WUI) with Michael Gollner

Sept. 28, 2022

Why so many researchers are spending their time tackling fire issues at the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)? What is so challenging about this? We always lived near nature, why today this emerges as one of the 'hottest' topic…

068 - Human walking speed and factors that influence it with John Gales

Sept. 21, 2022

What factors influence the walking speed of an occupant? Is it just their physiology and crowd density? It seems it is more complicated than that (as most things are in fire science...). Dr John Gales of York University take…

067 - Next-gen smoke control experimental facility and a digital twin with Grzegorz Krajewski

Sept. 14, 2022

We've felt a bit awkward about how FSE handles smoke control in corridors. If you look closely into common practices, they rarely do include impressive engineering - more often you see some 'tips and tricks' that make the CF…


066 - Fire Safe Use of Wood in Buildings with Andy Buchanan

Sept. 7, 2022

I wonder if we will be ever able to say: we know exactly how to build fire-safe buildings with mass timber. However that day may never come, each day of research brings us a little bit closer to achieving this goal. And som…

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065 - Understanding mesh sensitivity and model uncertainties with Jason Floyd

Aug. 31, 2022

Will a higher resolution mesh make my CFD more accurate? That is a harmless question, and most of us would tend toward 'I guess yeah'. But let us try and unpack this. Into atoms! What does higher resolution mean? How exactly…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science UL FSRI

064 - Heat stress in fires - from inside and outside with Denise Smith and Gavin Horn

Aug. 24, 2022

This amount of heat flux for this amount of time, routine conditions, check, done. This is how I used to do my engineering and tenability assessment related to heat stress... up till today when prof Denisse Smith and prof Ga…

Building A Fire Safe Future

063 - Why do we need a handbook of fire and the environment with Brian Meacham and Margaret McNamee

Aug. 17, 2022

Do we need another fire handbook? If so, what handbook would that be? I guess a question like this must have gone through Brian Meachams' mind when he got the idea for a handbook of fire and environment. And he got a brillia…

Engineers Toolbox

062 - BIM (not only for fire) with Pete Thomson and Rino Lovreglio

Aug. 10, 2022

It does not matter if you hate or love BIM, does not matter if you use it daily or have no idea what it is... Building Information Modelling will be an important part of our engineering future and we better get used to it. …

Fire Science And Engineering

061 - Glazing in fire with Yu Wang

Aug. 2, 2022

The relation between ventilation conditions and fire severity is quite a fundamental one. You don't even have to be a fire safety engineer to realize that more air means a bigger fire. But how does air get into the compartme…

Building A Fire Safe Future

060 - How PV panels change the fire behaviour of roofs with Jens Kristensen

July 27, 2022

If a PV panel is fire safe, and the roof is fire safe, what is the outcome of a panel placed on the roof? Not a great surprise that merging two things that meet their requirements within their respectable eco-systems gives a…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science Building A Fire Safe Future UL FSRI

059 - Residential fire safety with Dan Madrzykowski and Charlie Fleischmann

July 20, 2022

How much the fire scene at households has changed over the last 30 years? Why modern furniture burns worse than one made with wood, cotton and other natural materials? And what does that mean to firefighting? What challenges…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science

058 - Animal pyrocognition - a path to undestand our beginnings with fire with Ivo Jacobs

July 13, 2022

Have you wondered how fire science started? But I mean the real real start... not 1666 one, nor the one when we've started to build furnaces... The start when the first evolutionary ancestor of homo sapiens figured out this …

Fire Science And Engineering

057 - Structural fire engineering with Thomas Gernay

July 6, 2022

The subject of structural fire engineering was long overdue in the podcast schedule. But once I finally got it on my agenda, I made sure to interview one of the very best there are - prof Thomas Gernay of John Hopkins Unive…

Fire Science And Engineering

056 - Performance Based Fire Protection Engineer with David Stacy

June 29, 2022

How does being a volunteer firefighter improve your abilities to do Performance-Based Design (PBD) and how your knowledge in PBD may translate to firefighting? That is not a question you can ask to every fire protection engi…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science

055 - The future is exciting with Arnold Dix (part 2)

June 22, 2022

I once said the future looks stupid... but after this discussion with Arnold Dix, I know - future is exciting. And for Fire Safety Engineers and others involved in fire protection - the future seems to be super exciting! In …

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science

054 - The sustainability talk, tunnels and fire safety with Arnold Dix (part 1)

June 15, 2022

A few episodes ago I called for better communication in fire safety. And in this episode, tunnel fire safety legend Prof. Arnold Dix is answering that, by teaching us the ways of the 'sustainability' talk - how to communicat…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science

053 - The number one skill to thrive as an FSE I've learnt in 1 year of podcasting

June 8, 2022

It has been one year since I started this show. I've promised you that we will learn Fire Safety Engineering together, and today comes a great time to reflect on some lessons learnt. In this episode, I will take you on a sho…

404 - Host not found, throat infections suck.

June 1, 2022

With this lifestyle, this was inevitable... due to a busy week I had to move the schedule a bit and was pretty sure I will get away with it by recording a solo episode... but my throat has decided otherwise and I kind of can…

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052 - More realism in evacuation modelling with Anne Templeton

May 25, 2022

You have seen these lovely evacuation simulations, the ones with a bunch of agents moving together or clumping at an exit. Ones that we use to determine ASET condition, and which are present in almost every large PBD project…

Fire Science And Engineering

051 - Fire Science in eyes of a firefighter with Szymon Kokot

May 18, 2022

In this show, we often discuss how fire science can help firefighters. Today we drop the UNO reverse card and figure out what firefighters actually need from fire science. And for that, I've got a perfect person to talk to -…

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science

050 - Wind, fire and a surprise

May 11, 2022

Episode 50! Time to celebrate, and for this one we have a surprise. A mysterious host takes over the show to interview a wind and fire modelling celebrity... Ok, this should be enough to not reveal everything once the show n…

Building A Fire Safe Future Car Parks

049 - What burns inside a battery with Francesco Restuccia

May 4, 2022

So we all know batteries burn... but do we know what exactly does burn? What is inside this tiny metal cylinder that scares so many of us? We try to understand it a bit more with Dr Francesco Restuccia of Kings College Londo…

Car Parks

048 - Car parks, design fires and the broad world of fire science with Mike Spearpoint

April 27, 2022

Did you know first car parks were built for electric vehicles? Or what clever techniques can be used to model the spread of fire between vehicles? Or what challenges scientists meet burning vehicles, and why pneumatic suspen…

Engineers Toolbox

047 - Effective pressurization of compartments with Grzegorz Sypek

April 20, 2022

Pressurization is a common strategy for protecting spaces against the infiltration of smoke. However, the solution has a kind-of bad press as "not-working" or "incapable to meet its design goals". We know, that the systems a…