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Dear Fellow Engineer, sorry for disturbing you with what you were doing on the page, and thank you for choosing to stay in touch with me. I'm most likely somewhere underground, setting fire to something or absurdly annoyed debugging another CFD simulation... and you can trust me - I really understand the struggles of modern fire engineers. This is why I made this podcast for us. To have a reliable knowledge base, that helps us navigate through the newest achievements and most fundamental parts of fire science, without having to go through an endless library of ill-written papers. I hope you will stay with me on this journey for a long time!

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In the meantime, there is a good chance it is your first time in here. You may want to listen to this introduction episode. It's been two years since I've recorded this, but I still stay by every word. Plus, some of the assumptions I've made there did really work out!

Another option is to check out the top 5 episodes of the show, I guess they are fan favourites and you cannot go wrong with them. Or just go to listen to that one episode that brought you here... Or just explore what the podcast has there for you! Actually, do whatever you like! I will do my best to make this enjoyable for you, so this is not only education but also entertainment.