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Fire Science And Engineering Episodes

The current hot-topics in fire science and engineering

September 21, 2021

019 - Modelling human behaviour in wildfire evacuation with Erica Kuligowski

There is plenty of fire engineers who think they are modelling human behaviour... Some claim they can do it... And there is very, very few who actually did and succeeded with it. One of them is today's guest, Dr Erica Kuligow...

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September 15, 2021

018 - Engineered timber with Danny Hopkin

Engineered timber is on a trajectory to become the construction material of the future. However, on that pathway there stands the fire issue. Wood burns, it is inevitable. This is something we must accept, and learn to work a...

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August 25, 2021

015 - Global view on the fire safety from a starchitect perpective with Benjamin Ralph

Have you ever wondered who truly has the most power over the fire safety of a building? In my opinion, the answer is very simple - the Architect. This is due to two reasons. First is that the architect can affect the building...

Fire Science And Engineering

August 18, 2021

014 - A joyrney through the scales of fire phenomena with Sara McAllister

Have you ever wondered how is a fire of a match or candle different from a wildfire? Or maybe rather, why is it different? What is it, that makes the fires at different scales behave in such a different manner? What are the p...

The Fascinating World Of Fire Science Fire Science And Engineering

July 13, 2021

009 - Cognitive biases and decision making in evacuation with Michael Kinsey

Why do we take certain decisions during an evacuation process? How do we choose the evacuation route? These are often affected by cognitive biases, which is the main theme of today's episode. With Dr Michael Kinsey we will di...

Fire Science And Engineering

June 23, 2021

006 - EV's, rapid fires and car parks

In Episode 6, our host, dr Wojciech Wegrzynski, explains his experiences with modelling rapidly growing fires in car parks. Such fire growth may be typical for EV fires that originate in battery and pose a different set of ch...

Fire Science And Engineering

June 16, 2021

005 - Battery fires with Roeland Bisschop

Today I've talked to Roeland Bisschop, Project Manager in RISE, about his first-hand experience with battery fires. Roeland explained to me how do battery fires look from a scientific perspective, and how my perspective was k...

Fire Science And Engineering

June 09, 2021

004 - Facade fires and AI with Matt Bonner

Dr Matthew Bonner of the Imperial College London is one of the leading scientists touching on the subject of the fire safety of facades. His flavour is tackling the complexity through big data analyses and developing new ways...

Fire Science And Engineering

June 02, 2021

003 - Tenability criteria with Gabriele Vigne

How do you know if a building is safe in fire or not? Usually through performing ASET-RSET analyses, in which you determine how and when the tenability criteria in the building are breached. This is what I discuss with dr Gab...

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