June 29, 2021

007 - AI in smart firefighting and the future of FSE PBD with Xinyan Huang

007 - AI in smart firefighting and the future of FSE PBD with Xinyan Huang

Everyone is talking about AI, but how can we really use it in fire safety engineering and firefighting? Prof Xinyan Huang of HK PolyU will explain his research in this field, and we can consider it as a time travel to the future. We touch on the ideas of AI and machine learning, and what does it really do (and what it does not do). We also investigate Xinyan's most recent research where AI was successfully applied to investigate the location of a fire in a tunnel and predict the smoke layer height in an atrium. Both are impressive case studies, being the first step to a propper use of AI in FSE performance-based design!

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--- Useful links ---
HK PolyU Fire lab site: https://www.firelabxy.com/
Smart firefighting concept: https://www.firelabxy.com/smart-firefighting

Paper on detecting the fires in tunnels with AI : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10694-020-00985-z

Paper on smoke control design in atria with AI: 

*** A must read ***
"Mechanistically Informed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Fire Engineering and Sciences" by MZ Naser