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Timber Structural Fire Engineering 2022 Highlights

066 - Fire Safe Use of Wood in Buildings with Andy Buchanan

Sept. 7, 2022

I wonder if we will be ever able to say: we know exactly how to build fire-safe buildings with mass timber. However that day may never come, each day of research brings us a little bit closer to achieving this goal. And som…

Timber Structural Fire Engineering 2022 Highlights

038 - Fire resistance is not always enough for timber with Daniel Brandon

Feb. 15, 2022

It is the third time we talk about mass timber and fire in this show, and I hope every time the message gets even more refined. In this episode, it is clear - fire resistance is not always enough. But why? You will learn tha…

Timber Sustainable Future And Burning Issues

035 - Fire safety as cornerstone of sustainability with Margaret McNamee

Jan. 26, 2022

Building a fire-safe future is not an easy task. Including sustainability in that build, is even harder. But how hard is it to include fire safety in the discussion, when sustainability itself is a goal? Does sustainability …

Timber Structural Fire Engineering Fire Science, Engineering And Education

025 - Structural fire engineering with engineered timber with Felix Wiesner

Nov. 3, 2021

In Episode 18 we have touched on the important topic of fire performance of engineered wood and its wide use in the modern built environment. Today, we follow up on this subject with Dr Felix Wiesner from the University of …

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018 - Engineered timber with Danny Hopkin

Sept. 15, 2021

Engineered timber is on a trajectory to become the construction material of the future. However, on that pathway there stands the fire issue. Wood burns, it is inevitable. This is something we must accept, and learn to work …