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085 - E-mobility and energy storage hazards with Adam Barowy

Jan. 18, 2023

Three months ago I saw a video of some sort of an electric scooter going off in someone's residential building. That person had absolutely no chance of controlling that fire. I guess they have escaped, but it must have been …

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060 - How PV panels change the fire behaviour of roofs with Jens Kristensen

July 27, 2022

[March 2023 update] The Thesis PDF is finally available! Check it here:…

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049 - What burns inside a battery with Francesco Restuccia

May 4, 2022

So we all know batteries burn... but do we know what exactly does burn? What is inside this tiny metal cylinder that scares so many of us? We try to understand it a bit more with Dr Francesco Restuccia of Kings College Londo…

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048 - Car parks, design fires and the broad world of fire science with Mike Spearpoint

April 27, 2022

Did you know first car parks were built for electric vehicles? Or what clever techniques can be used to model the spread of fire between vehicles? Or what challenges scientists meet burning vehicles, and why pneumatic suspen…

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044 - Improving fire safety of battery systems with Ofodike Ezekoye

March 30, 2022

Since Episode 6, the fire safety of battery systems was not very much visible in the show - a good time to change that! And we do this with a true legend of fire safety - Ofodike Ezekoye. In the last year, I have learnt a l…

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006 - EV's, rapid fires and car parks

June 23, 2021

In Episode 6, our host, dr Wojciech Wegrzynski, explains his experiences with modelling rapidly growing fires in car parks. Such fire growth may be typical for EV fires that originate in battery and pose a different set of c…

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Battery fires with Roeland Bisschop

June 16, 2021

Today I've talked to Roeland Bisschop, Project Manager in RISE, about his first-hand experience with battery fires. Roeland explained to me how do battery fires look from a scientific perspective, and how my perspective was …